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– CUMASC: Seisiúin sa Black Gate –

I’m delighted and honoured to be a part of the latest offering from the visionaries at The Black Gate. Such a great time hanging out with Síomha in the musically historical Oranmore Castle. The series starts at the end of Feb 2022 and you can watch the episodes here.

“We are so proud that CUMASC: Seisiúin sa Black Gate, is Black Gate Production’s very first television commission. We are proud that it stems organically from our venue’s unique relationship with musicians and artists from all over Ireland and abroad.
Mairéad Ní Thréinir – Producer




Every Sunday the beautiful people of Galway take to the town for a day of music.

There can be as many as 20 gigs running across the whole day and for the music fan it’s a great opportunity to see why Galway is the Capital of Culture. While there are a number of late-night venues in the town the most famous amongst them is probably the Roisin Dubh.

The Roisin has been a driving force for music in Galway for decades now and is still recognised as one of Ireland’s premier venues. 

It is here, every Sunday, that we gather together with the late night party people of this fair town and we dance the night away in each others company! From midnight to 2am you will find the room hopping and the walls sweating as we experience the wonderful energy that is our Sunday night.

Directors note:
“A few months back while driving through Connemara with friends in the middle of a mutha****in horrendous storm, we thought why not visit Roisin Dubh’s, grab a seat by the fire and let the massive amount of craic remind us of what stormy nights in Ireland are all about. That night was a Sunday, and possibly the best Sunday I’ve ever spent on this earth, well in Galway at least, as the resident band ‘John Conneely Inc’ and over a hundred carefree #couldntgiveafuckitssunday admirers turned the place upside down. You can count all my fingers as the years I’ve known John so it was a pleasure to commit him and the boundless energy of his band to the Arbutus canon.”