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FAQ’s, Terms & Conditions

How long do you play for?

We play 2x 1:15 minute sets. At most weddings there is normally a break of around 20 minutes when tea/coffee and snack are served. We normally will coordinate with hotel staff on exactly when that will happen and will tailor our sets to make that work. If a wedding is running late we can opt to play a 2:15 set straight through, indeed you can opt for this also if there is no break scheduled for your night

What time do you arrive?

In plenty of time! We will coordinate with you what time you envisage your first dance being and work from there. Normally we aim to arrive while you are still eating your meal and will wait till you are done to load in. Nominally 8:30pm seems to work well for most weddings.

How long does it take you to set up?

it takes us between 30/45 minutes to set up depending on the complexity of the load in at the venue. Its quick and efficient, and its normally just enough time for your guests to get up and mingle after the meal without it being too long.

Can you do an early set up?

We rarely do, but it is something that can be done if you feel it will really benefit your day. Depending on the location of your wedding in relation to our home base (Galway) we will have to add an additional charge for this service. Please contact us if this is something you would like to be quoted for.

Can I, my uncle, cousin, brother, friend etc sing a song with you guys?

Absolutely! We love when we have talented friends and family join us for a song on stage. If you have someone who would like to contribute a song to our performance at your day, tell us about it and we will be happy to facilitate and support that. Its great fun!

Terms and conditions:

When booking John Conneely Inc we will provide top class entertainment for you event or wedding.
We will turn up at your venue on time, load in quickly and play for the agreed amount of time.
We put in 100% effort into every event we do.

In order to book us we charge a non refundable booking fee.
Unless this booking fee is paid we cannot hold your date.

The booking fee protects us against cancellation for any reason including, but not limited to acts of God, fire, extreme weather, break-up of relationship, and/or financial hardship. Having said that we are willing to issue a credit note and/or transfer to a booking fee to another date should we be available in cases where your date is being moved or postponed.

The balance of the total fee is due upon arrival of the band on the night. Please ensure you have a trusted person assigned to perform this task and ask them to approach us to settle up as we are setting up.

UPDATE RE COVID 19 March 2020

Unfortunately due to the current pandemic crisis many couple are having to postpone their dates. We are happy to facilitate them and move their original date to a new one provided we are available.